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FinRev connects to your crypto exchange account using a unique-to-you string of letters, numbers, and special characters called an API key. When it’s time to place a trade or get out of a trade, FinRev makes a “call” to your account and says “buy this much of this coin” or “take this size short position on this coin”.

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The returns are unreliable and the volatility keeps most people on the sidelines.

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Predicting what the market is going to do is impossible. FinRev makes decisions using a strategy called Trend Following. If a coin is going up, we buy. If it’s going down, we short. That’s how you keep the incredible returns and get rid of the wild swings. Sounds too good to be true right, too simple? While the idea is simple, in practice it’s quite hard to do. But with FinRev, anyone can make smooth and steady returns through both bull and bear markets. It’s a proven strategy for the retail investor to generate life-changing wealth, on autopilot.

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Whether you’ve got 15 years to retirement and are playing the long game or you’ve got 5 years left and don’t feel ready at all. Whether you’re a risk taker or a more cautious investor. Whether you’re all in on crypto or just dipping your toe in the water.


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The Problem

Despite being the fastest appreciating asset class in history, cryptocurrencies remain uninvestable for most people.

Our Solution

We make cryptocurrency investable for anyone by algorithmically investing in proven risk premia harvesting strategies. These proven strategies from traditional markets, applied to cryptocurrencies, increase returns while dramatically reducing drawdowns. Our world class algorithmic trading infrastructure and innovative reduction of counterparty risks unlocks extraordinary geometric returns.

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Democratize wealth creation via cryptocurrency investing.


We operate like a professional sports team with a single-minded focus on making our customers financially successful.

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The basics

FinRev is the world’s best trend following system for cryptocurrencies. Whilst trend following has drastically outperformed stock markets, it performs even better on cryptocurrency markets. Our drastic outperformance is explainable because newer markets have more inefficiency and naive participants.
Our approach is to trade altcoins both long and short using a best practice volatility targeted, continuous signal approach.

The reason

Cryptocurrencies can appreciate further and faster than any other asset class. And they can also crash spectacularly. Our approach is to make profits in both up and down markets rather than a buy and hold approach which might take many years to realize profits. Fortunately, there is a strategy from the 300 billion dollar CTA industry designed to do exactly this. When we take standard trend following algorithms which have made billions in traditional markets and apply them to crypto they perform 3x better.

FinRev utilizes "Volatility Targeting" to manage investments, where a predetermined annual account fluctuation level guides decision-making, balancing risk and return. This strategy helps smooth out crypto returns and dynamically adjusts position sizes daily according to volatility forecasts. Trades are selected by blending forecasts from 6 subsystems, with each weighted based on its performance. This process determines whether to take buy or short positions for coins based on the resulting positive or negative forecast.

We have no fundamental opinions about the merits of any individual coin. All trading decisions are made algorithmically, eliminating human error. We take positions in every crypto coin which starts to rise in value. And simultaneously take short positions in every crypto coin which starts to fall. By simultaneously trading over 100 coins in a long-short portfolio we are insulated from broader market trends while providing extraordinary returns. By delivering astonishing returns with tiny drawdowns, our long term compounded growth rate is unmatched in the industry.

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